After you submit a simple drawing with basic measurements and any relevant photos, a dedicated design we will work with you to discuss options, expectations, applications, budget, time frame, constraints, compliance, and maintenance. Design decisions determined at this point include measurements, top rail, infill, mount, and any stair specifics.

Then your design we develops a detailed cost estimate for your consideration at no cost to you.

An Om steel furniture Team will work with you to establish a thorough understanding of your project: the scope of work, intended application, budget and project time frame.

  • Discuss railing options mindful of your application, expectations, and project constraints
  • Review CLEARVIEW system for compliance against relevant standards and building codes
  • Identify factors that may adversely affect your product, emphasize proper care and preventative maintenance
  • Will provide you with an estimate, usually within two business days

Your itemized estimate will include a detailed list of components, the quantities of each and any tools required to build your custom railing system. No estimation or guesswork required on your part.

Once you have finalized the cost estimate for your railing system, our team establishes a working relationship with you to go over every detail.

After that, we creates exact computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to ensure that you will receive your desired look with a perfect on-site fit.

Om steel furniture team work closely with clients (Homeowners, Architects, Builders, Project Managers, or Installers), to ensure precise and accurate development of CAD drawings. Using client-provided images and detailed measurements, the designer creates 2D CAD drawings of the project site from which they will custom design and configure the railing system…

  • Identify and address any potential challenges that may affect the design or installation of your system
  • Access to in-house engineering
  • Ensure compliance against relevant standards and building codes
  • Verify all measurements are EXACT
  • Review and submit final design drawings for client’s approval

Upon signed final approval, the designer will generate an installation guide and send approved drawings to fabrication

After you’ve approved your final CAD drawing, the fabrication process can begin. Meticulous planning allows the components to be fabricated off-site, which improves quality and simplifies the installation process.

We did fabrication brings expertise and built on years of experience to perform fiber laser cutting, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, and finishing for the components before they are carefully packaged and shipped directly to you.

The Stainless pre-fabricates all CLEARVIEW railing systems in-house using advanced manufacturing techniques. Railing systems are precision cut to 0.004/in using a LASERTUBE LT/FIBER laser, providing our customers with improved efficiency and a higher quality product.

  • Our Laser Technician will convert 2D CAD drawings, created by the Design Department, into 3D Renderings. Make any adjustments and upload the files to the Laser.
  • Railing Posts and components are precision cut from stainless stock and engraved with a number, identifying that individual part for ease of installation.
  • Fabrication is completed by our artisan welders, joining additional parts to produce seamless, complete railing components.
  • Parts are finished, cleaned and polished by hand before being carefully packaged into a series of manageable boxes, clearly labeled and ready to ship.

Om steel furniture creates prefabricated, pre-built railing systems, custom designed and built for your project site, using high quality material and unsurpassed attention to detail. Every system includes labeled installation instructions, each part is labeled, carefully packed and ready to ship for a timely delivery and DIY installation.